• LineKing springs out as a result from many months of experimentation and trial and error in order to bring out the best visual metaphors. Ideally, the icons should blend so well into your next project, as if they’re custom-designed for you.

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What Makes LineKing Different

  • Strong Metaphors

    LineKing strives to avoid generic-looking overused symbols and come up with unique visual metaphors.

  • Quality over Quantity

    No race for the biggest icon-set. The real challenge is to make all icons unique in shape and character, without unnecessary repetitions.

  • Rich Level of Details

    Although designed on a 60×60 pixels grid, they become even more beautiful as you scale them up or make the stroke thinner.

1000 Icons

When I say 1000 icons, I really mean it. No silly repetition, no kidding. They are all categorized into 50 collections, each consisting of exactly 20 symbols, focused on specific niches or industries.


All The Things You Get

  • Thickness Control

    All icons are designed in a way that you can control the thickness of the stroke with only a change in number.

  • Ultra Consistency

    Level of details, perspective, mood, curve radius… All icons share these atributes equally, making them a one cohesive icon-set. This is really important folks!

  • Infinite Scalability

    This goes withouth saying. All icons are designed as vectors, therefore they can be limitlessly scaled and work great at any size.

  • Formats for Everyone

    Illlustrator files with stroke control, web-ready SVG icons and individual PNG in 5 sizes: 60×60, 90×90, 120×120, 180×180 & 240×240.

  • Unlimited Projects

    You can use the icons in as many projects as you want, as long as you don't use more than 100 icons per project. For more freedom contact me for extended licence.

  • iOS Optimized

    Oh, and did I mentioned they are iOS optimized? All icons are crafted upon a grid of 60×60 pixels, making them blend perfectly into your iOS app.

With Great Icons Comes Great Flexibility

By purchasing today, you are making an investment. Since perfection is an never-ending race, LineKing gets periodical updates, fixes and other improvements. To value loyalty , you will receive all future updates for free.

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