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  • iOS Wireframe Kit

    Start your iOS project right with a distinct prototype,         easily made with Platforma’s huge screen library.


Platforma for iOS is a collection of 300+ screens made with care for iOS guidelines and divided into 28 popular content categories and carefully assembled for Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop.

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How it works

Fast and efficient prototyping

Platforma's screens were made based on the most popular iOS design patterns and combined in an easy-to-use library. Save your time for creative tasks, just follow these simple steps below and see how well it works.

  • First of all

    Choose from 300+ Screens divided in 28 content categories

    Find what you need easily, using the quick navigation among screens that we divided into 28 categories depending on their purpose and characteristics.

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  • Next steps is

    Build UX flowchart and schedule interactions

    Think more about your future app interactions! Combine the screens you select into flowchart and mark transitions with Pointers and Gestures from Tools category.

  • Then

    Customize elements, make marks and discuss them

    Discuss the project with your team or client at each stage. Use Markups, Popups and other tools we include in Platforma to make marks right inside Sketch. Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Ready-to-use flowcharts

6 demo prototypes

We made 6 demo prototypes of popular iOS applications using only screens from the kit to show you capabilities of Platforma and included them into Platforma_Demos files inside the purchased archive.

Social • Newsfeed • Ecommerce • Geo • Media • Messenger

  • Ecommerce

  • Social

  • Newsfeed

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  • Platforma is a perfect instrument for creating an interactive prototype using many popular online tools. Build a wireframe, upload it to your favourite tool, mark any action and transition and make it live!


Huge screens library

28 content categories

1. Start 
    2. Signups     3. 
     4. Loading    5. 
    6. Activity        7. Profiles     8. Posts     9. Chats     10. Contacts    11. 
    12. Lists          13. Settings 
    14. Create     15. Catalog 
    16. Discover     17. 
Product Card 
     18. Cart     19. Checkout     20. 
     21. Navigation     22. Map
     23. About     24. 
Popups     25. Photo     26. 
Media     27. Charts     28. Widgets

+ Base elements, Icons and Tools

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